Tape Types and Uses

Application Tape/Transfer Tape
Transfer tape or application tape, also known as “pre-mask”, is a necessity for sign-making and digital graphics. Transfer tape is so named because it transfers cut vinyl and graphics from the release liner to the substrate. High quick tack and good shear strength makes this the best choice for more demanding bonding/joining applications, especially for textured, rough surfaces. Used for core starting, splicing of papers, films, metals and other webs.

Barricade Tape
Brightly colored tape (often incorporating a two-tone pattern of alternating yellow-black or red-white stripes or the words “Caution” or “Danger” in prominent lettering) that is used to warn of an area or situation containing a possible hazard. Underground detectable tape is used for accurately locating and preventing damage to valuable underground utility installations.

Carton Sealing Tape – Acrylic Water Based Adhesive
Water-based adhesives service a huge variety of industries because of their ability to bind to a wide range of substrates. They also remain stable in high levels of humidity and across a wide temperature range, and form extremely strong and durable bonds. Along with their flexibility and economic practicality, water-based adhesives offer excellent adhesive qualities and service a wide range of temperatures and are more resistant to moisture.

Carton Sealing Tape – Acrylic Solvent Based Adhesive
Solvent acrylic adhesives are formulated to offer extraordinary chemical resistance, making them well-suited for use in environments where such exposure is a possibility. In addition, many solvent adhesives can withstand a range of temperature extremes. As with chemical resistance, the ability of solvent acrylics to function at high and low temperatures enables their use across a wider range of locations and conditions than some competing technologies. Finally, when longevity and durability define success or failure, solvent acrylic adhesives are often the best option.

Carton Sealing Tape – Hot Melt Rubber Based Adhesive
Recommended for initial quick stick. Hot melt adhesives have a quick set speed and are applicable in a wide range of temperatures and industries. They rely on cooling to set vs evaporation. Excellent adhesion to challenging substrates, especially to low surface energy plastic substrates such as polyethylene and other polyolefins. Excellent resistance to humidity and water.  These adhesives can also be applied to moist substrates and even to slightly contaminated substrates. Specific grades exhibit excellent adhesion even under extreme cold conditions (down to -18°C).

Carton Sealing Tape – Natural Rubber Based Adhesive
Recommended for recycled carton and cold temperature applications.  In general, natural rubber properties offer many advantages for adhesive tape applications. The first of these is its outstanding peel adhesion or “grab” – not only on polar surfaces but also even on substrates with low surface tension.  Furthermore, adhesive tape with natural rubber adhesion can be removed easily and does not leave any trace. Finally there is the high tack, i.e. stickiness, of the adhesive: the adhesive tape glues with minimal pressure and minimal contact time.  

Cloth Tape
Very good for bonding to rough surfaces and can be removed quickly and cleanly after use. The cloth carrier resists tearing yet itself is hand tearable. Cloth tape is suited for (long-term) interior and exterior application, extremely resistant, waterproof, offers enormous adhesive performance, and can be used to bundle or package things as well as for doing handicrafts. Tapes are available in various colors and can be written on.

Double Coated Tissue Tape
Exhibits a strong direct tack and continuous adhesive strength, as well as dynamic shear strength on most surfaces. No plasticizer migration on most surfaces. Excellent corrugators’ splicing tape. Used in manufacturing for continuous web processes when a visual splice is needed. Good temperature, UV and aging resistance.

Double Faced Paper Tape
Good quick stick; great adhesive strength; bonds to most surfaces. Used in the printing industry, textile manufacturing (twisting/spinning process), steel rule die-makers/die-cutters (make-ready), and carpet installation. For bonding, mounting, holding, joining, core start-ups, and splicing applications. Used for repairing/replacing golf club grips.

Duct Tape
Tape will conform well to irregular surfaces, and will not twist or curl during application. Excellent water and abrasion resistance. Tape is hand-tearable (tears evenly across web). Used as a quality waterproof packaging tape for export shipments; for splicing, vinyl repair, protecting, bundling, and color coding; for ductwork sealing and seaming.

Electrical Tape
For wire and cable insulation, bundling, primary splice insulation at no more than 600V. Most are non-flame retardant although flame retardant, cold resistant and all-weather versions are available. Color options available cable coding, quick identification of electrical phases, circuits, feeders and branches.

Filament Strapping Tape
Tape for strapping, bundling and palletizing.

Film Tape
Good adhesion for surface protection applications. The tough polyethylene backing offers good abrasion and tear resistance. UV and solvent resistant. Long term aging stability without yellowing. Tape will not crack or craze after extended exposure.

Finger Tape
Originally designed as a convenient bandage, Finger Tape industrial applications are countless. Mail sorters, technicians, and workers use it to prevent cuts and scrapes on their knuckles, fingertips, and hands. Also protects fingers from hot plates and food and prevents potentially harmful cuts.

Flagging Tape
Non-adhesive plastic marking ribbon used for surveying, mapping, tagging, roping off areas or any other marking applications.

Flatback Paper Tape
The flat surface (vs. creped paper) results in high quality printing. Easy unwind characteristic for high speed printing. For flexographic printing, color coding, identification (write-on surface). Tape exhibits high face to face bond strength. Offers a positive seal and excellent adhesion to discourage pilfering. Good balance of quick stick and holding properties, and can be used on all types of cartons. Performs well under a wide range of temperatures and humidity conditions. Complies with USPS requirements.

Foam Tape
Used extensively in the automotive, HVAC, and construction industries to provide air and weather tight seals; for gasketing, cushioning, vibration control in speakers, vehicles, electronic components, door frames, etc.

Foil Tape – Aluminum with Liner
Used for vapor barrier protection, waterproof sealing, heat reflection and dissipation, masking in paint stripping and electroplating.

Foil Tape – Aluminum without Liner
Used for waterproofing, vapor barrier and air leakage protection, metal patching and sound dampening, as a sealing system in refrigerated appliances and microwave ovens. High reflectivity assures effective heat, light interference, and electrical insulation shielding.

Foil Tape – Copper
Used for RFI/EMI shielding applications in the electrical/electronics industry.

Foil Tape – Lead
Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, especially to metal, glass, films, foils, and papers. Can be shaped to the most intricate patterns. Masking x-ray plates, electroplating, and chemical milling; radiation barrier, x-ray shielding; sealing double-paned windows; decorative leaded windows; adding weight to golf clubs; weight balancing; electromagnetic and radio frequency shield.

Gaffers Tape
Polyethylene-coated cloth laminated to a low gloss finish film, coated with a natural rubber based adhesive. Conforms well to irregular surfaces and will not twist or curl during application. Excellent water, vapor and abrasion resistance. Clean removal on most surfaces (surface type and dwell time may affect performance). Suitable for entertainment type applications (concerts, trade shows, etc.) where minimal visibility of tape is desired. Used for holding down cable, wires, electrical cords, and in stage set-ups for marking placement (i.e. “spike” tape). Suitable as a book binding tape for seaming and reinforcement.

Glass Cloth Tape
Conformable; chemical and solvent resistant; printable. Used in strategic masking of areas in thermal spray/plasma spray applications; insulation of electrical apparatus, for sealing and bundling of non-electrical applications where flame retardancy or high heat resistance is required

Gum Tape
Gum Tape is a paper carton sealing tape, also known as Water-Activated Tape (WAT), that when moistened, welds to the box it is being applied to, becoming part of the box. It bonds instantly to both virgin and recycled fiber surfaces and therefore, generates an immediate destructive bond resulting in a tamper evident package. It is offered in both fiberglass reinforced and plain paper with many styles available in standard prints or customized prints.

Label Protection/Prescription Tapes
Prescription, label protection and lamination. High clarity.

Masking Film
There are two types of masking film: The first kind is called pre-taped masking film. It has a strip of adhesive painter’s tape running along one edge of the film. The second kind has no tape, relying instead on the plastic’s static-cling properties to hold it in place.

Masking Tape (Painters Tape)
Designed for superior performance in a variety of applications such as paint masking, holding, light-duty, splicing, bundling, packaging and many more.

Masking Tape (UV)
Provides clean removal characteristics and UV resistance – up to 14 days of outdoor exposure. Special characteristic of the adhesive system is that the peel adhesion does not increase with time, allowing for removal off a wide variety of surfaces without surface damage.

Pipe Wrap
Highly resistant to sun, water, oil, acids, alkalies and corrosive chemicals. Bacteria and fungus resistant. Abrasion resistant. Provides electrical protection. Protects pipe joints, conduit couplings for overhead or direct buried applications.

Polyimide Tape
Thin and conformable with outstanding tear and abrasion resistance at elevated temperatures. Adhesive will thermoset to increase adhesion values. Leaves minimal residue when removed after manufacturing process; reduces clean-up time and minimizes rejects. Permits observation of board during processing. Excellent resistance to acids, oils, solvents, aging, staining, water immersion. Protects gold contacts from molten solder during hot air wave solder leveling process.

Produce Tape/Bag Sealing
Used for produce packaging, can sealing or bundling.

Protection Film
Protection films available in clear, blue, black/white designed and manufactured for various surfaces and circumstances including metal protection films for surfaces such as stainless steel and aluminum. Surface protection film for roofs and building materials including glass, tubs, sinks and fiberglass. 

PTFE Tape – Coated Glass
Used as a primary insulation in a variety of electrical equipment and heat sealing bars, chute liners, gaskets, bearing surfaces, tabletop covers, guide rails and roll covers. Low friction surface; abrasion resistant. Comes with liner (“WL”) or available self-wound (“SW”).

PTFE Tape – Skived
Used in electrical applications such as harness/coil wraps and separators, transformers and slot liners where good insulation and heat resistance are required. Also used in mechanical applications such as heat sealing bars and jaws, labeling machine pressure pads, chute liners, anti-friction devices, bearings, forming dies, aircraft mold release and guide rails where high temperature, maximum slip and lubricity are required. High elongation permits tight wrapping; conforms to sharp bends/irregular surfaces.

PVC Tape
Used for secure attachment of extruded plastic profiles in furniture and general industries. Used extensively for mounting of signs and large format graphics. Recommended for bonding trims in automotive and other industries.

Reflective Tape
Primarily designed for permanent and temporary traffic signage. Also used for work zone devices and non-critical signs where retroreflection is necessary.

Safety Tape (non skid)
Non-skid safety tapes provide a high traction, anti-slip, waterproof surface to help prevent slips and falls. Aggressive acrylic adhesive bonds to a variety of materials and conforms to irregular surfaces. For use indoors and outdoors; on walkways, ramps, stairways; in machine shops and work areas, etc to comply with OSHA 1910.263 (3).

Splicing/Printed Circuit Board Tape
Excellent resistance to solvents, heat and chemicals. Used for component packaging and electrical insulation, edge reinforcement on books, webs, etc. Exhibits high resistance to abrasives, acids, oils, aging, staining and water immersion.

Stucco Tape
A UV resistant cloth duct tape used for protective masking of non-painted surfaces of various materials such as steel, vinyl, aluminum and anodized metals, and is “newer”. There is 50 percent more adhesive on this tape than the current best duct tape on the market.

Tamper Evident Tape
Carton sealing tapes that leave a security legend deposited on the box or container upon removal, discouraging tampering with and theft of the contents of the sealed cartons. Used in applications where high security is critical: pharmaceuticals, chemical and medical equipment, crime evidence and independent labs, currency handlers, money bags, credit card/security bags, shipping and cargo handlers, transportation in food items; and products of high cost and/or high demand, such as electronics, clothing and sporting goods.

Teflon Tape
Teflon tape, also known as Thread seal tape, PTFE tape or plumber’s tape, is a PTFE film for use in sealing pipe threads. The tape is sold cut to specific widths and wound on a spool, making it easy to wind around pipe threads. Thread seal tape lubricates allowing for a deeper seating of the threads and it helps prevent the threads from seizing when being unscrewed. The tape also works as a deformable filler and thread lubricant, helping to seal the joint without hardening or making it more difficult to tighten; instead making it easier to tighten.

  • White – used on threads up to 3/8 inch
  • Yellow – used on threads 1/2 inch to 2 inchs, often labeled “gas tape”
  • Pink – used on threads 1/2 inch to 2 inchs, safe for propane and other hydrocarbon fuels
  • Green – oil-free PTFE used on oxygen lines and some specific medical gasses
  • Gray – contains nickel, anti-seizing, anti-galling and anti-corrosion, used for stainless pipes
  • Copper – contains copper granules and is certified as a thread lubricant but not a sealer

Its high chemical and abrasion resistance and extremely low coefficient of friction makes this a versatile engineering material for many severe service applications. Materials slide freely over tape surface with no slip/stick tendency. High impact strength and shock absorbing properties. Outwears Teflon and is a good replacement when high temperature resistance is not a requirement. Rub strips on conveyors, bearings and sliding surfaces, chutes and hopper liners, dead plates, wear pads, guide rails, furniture and drawer slides. Used primarily in automotive and mechanical applications.

Ultra High Bond Tape
Excellent all-around bonding properties and unique characteristics that allows for very high performance in the most demanding of applications. The pressure sensitive acrylic composition provides for very good tack, excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces and high shear strength performance.

Vinyl Tape
Used for color coding; lane marking and safety coding to meet OSHA requirements; decorating, striping on vehicles, boats, sporting equipment, etc. Masking for hard chrome plating and anodizing; harness and pipe wrapping. Duct and joint sealing. Product is of superior quality, with a long shelf-life, and “write-on” capability. It provides a very effective vapor and moisture barrier. It is highly conformable and resistant to aging, sun, water, fungus, bacteria, oil, acids, alkalies and corrosive chemicals. It provides good abrasion, impact and rupture resistance.

Warning Tape
Warning tape is used for permanent and temporary marking of hazardous areas, aisles, stairs, wires, cords, etc. Ideal for use in manufacturing, as well as in convention/exhibition halls, residential/ commercial sites. Hand-tearable and easy to use. Peels off easily upon removal, leaving no residue on most surfaces.