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There are currently 165 names in this directory
Aerospace Contractors
Flame retardant tapes, foam tapes, film tapes
Air conditioning contractors
Duct tape, foil tape
Air filter manufacturers
Foam tape, foil tape, gummed tape
Air freight companies
L-clip filament tape, box sealing tape, cargo pit tape
Aircraft Maintenance
Flame retardant tape, double sided tape
Airline companies
Flame retardant tapes, duct tape, aluminum foil tape
Aluminum can mfg
Splicing tape, double coated cloth
Amusement parks
Duct tape, masking tape, electrical tape
Apartment maintenance
Duct tape, masking tape, double coated carpet tape, foam tape
Appliance Manufacture & repair
Harness wrap, electrical tape, appliance grade filament tape
Armature repair
Electrical tape, filament tape, thermosetting tapes
Athletic organizations
Vinyl stripping tapes, duct tape, uncoated cloth tape
Audio cassette mfg.
Conductive tape
Audio visual contractors
Gaffers tape, duct tape, colored cloth tape
Automobile repair
Foam tape, double coated tape, duct tape, electrical tape
Bag manufacturers
Double coated splicing tape, carton sealing tape
Barge Lines
Duct tape, non-skid tape
Boat dealers
Colored vinyl, masking tape, reflective tape
Boat yards
Masking tape, duct tape
Book binderies
Bookbinders tape, cloth tape, double coated tape
Building & Apartment maintenance
Electrical tape, duct tape, masking tape
Bus Companies
Duct tape, masking tape, carton sealing tape
Cable manufactures
Teflon film tape, filament tape, vinyl tapes
Carpet installers
Duct tape, masking tape, flatback tape, filament or MOPP tape
Carport & awning mfg.
Foam tape, butyl / foil tape
Chemical cleaning services
Barricade tape, duct tape
Chemical waste haulers
Duct tape
Duct tape, electrical tape, gaffers tape, masking tape
Coil winding
Polyester tape, glass cloth tape, thermosetting tapes
Cold storage warehouses
Gummed tape, carton sealing tape, filament tape
Computer manufacture
Die cut tape polyester tape, shielding tape, carton sealing tape
Concrete reinforcing
Duct tape, bond breaker tape
Container repair
Aluminum foil tape, buytl/foil tape, masking tape
Corrugated box plants
Double coated splicing tape, plane mount tape, masking tape
Cultured marble mfg.
Masking tape, double coated paper tape, protective field.
Dark rooms
Glow in the dark tape, polyester, negative tape
Diesel engine repair
Teflon thread sealant tape
Drilling Contractors
Duct tape, Teflon tape
Dry wall contractors
Duct tape, making tape
Duct cleaning
Duct tape, foil tape
Electric motor repair
Thermosetting tapes fiberglass tapes
Electrical contractors
Electrical tape, rubber tape
Electronic manufacture
Kapton tape, polyester tape, Teflon tape, fiberglass tapes
Kapton tape, Teflon tape, vinyl platters tape
Exposition companies
Colored duct tape, double coated carpet tape
Fiberglass molding
Masking tape, double coated tape, carton sealing tape
Film studios
Gaffers tape, back stage tape, double coated tapes
Filter manufacturers
Duct tape, foil tape, foam tape
Fire departments
Duct tape, reflective tape
Freight lines
Reflective tape, carton sealing tape, conspicuity tape
Furnace sales and repair
Duct tape, foil tape
Furniture mfg. & repair
Masking tape, filament tape, carton sealing tape
Galvanizing companies
Vinyl tape, Teflon tape
Garage door companies
Carton sealing tape, filament tape
Gas companies
Pipewrap tape, underground detectable tape
Double coated foam tape, butyl tape
Golf club mfg & repair
Double coated tape, masking tape, carton sealing tape
Headstone manufacturers
Duct tape, sandblast tape
Heat tracing
Foil tape, fusion tape, filament tape
Heating contractors
Foil tape, duct tape, electrical tape
Hose manufacturers
Filament tape or MOPP tape, Teflon tape, polyester film tape
Foil tape, duct tape, Teflon tape
Colored duct tape, double coated carpet tape, electrical tape
Industrial Models
Double coated tape, die cut tape
Insulation contractors
Foil tape, duct tape, masking tape, foam tape
Irrigation systems
Pipewrap tape, Teflon tape, filament or MOPP tape
Masking tape, duct tape
Machine shops
Flame spray tape, duct tape
Manufactured homes
Duct tape, foil tape, foam tape, masking tape
Marble goods
Protective paper, masking tape
Reflective tape, duct tape
Marine ways
Masking tape, duct tape
Material handling
Teflon coated fiberglass
Meat packers
Gummed tape, flatback tape, carton sealing tape, filament tape
Metal building mfg & installers
Foam tape, foil tape, butyl/foil tape
Metalizing companies
Plasma spay tape, duct tape, carton sealing tape
Military packaging
Mil spec. cloth tape, duct tape, filament tape
Mirror installers
Double coated foam tape
Mobile home mfg & sales
Duct tape (bottom board tape), foam tape, masking tape
Moving & storage
Flatback tape, carton sealing tape
Duct tape, pipewrap tape, masking tape, electrical tape
Double coated splicing tape, masking tape, flatback tape
Nuclear power plants
Nuclear grade duct tape
Offshore platforms
Duct tape, electrical tape
Oil field contractors
Duct tape
Packaging companies
Carton sealing tape, filament tape, flatback tape
Masking tape
Paper manufacturers
Double coated splicing tape, carton sealing tape
Paving contractors
Duct tape
Pick-up camper mfg. & installers
Polyester film/foam tape
Picture frame mfg.
Transfer tape, masking tape
Pipe line maintenance
Barricade tape, pipewrap tape
Plastic bag mfg
Teflon tape, d.c. splicing tape, plate mount tape
Plumbing contractors
Duct tape, Teflon tape
Plywood manufacturing
Masking tape, flatback tape
Police departments
Duct tape, barricade tape, masking tape
Polyethylene coating
Teflon tape
Portable buildings
Foam tape, duct tape
Power companies
Underground detectable tape, rubber tape, electrical tape
Printers, publishers
Double coated tape, bookbinding tape, carton sealing tape
Public utilities
Pipewrap tape, electrical tape, duct tape
Public warehouses
Carton sealing tape, filament tape, flatback tape
Railroad repair
Duct tape, electrical tape
Recreational vehicles
Foam tape, duct tape, foil tape
Road repair
Barricade tape, reflective tape, duct tape
Butyl/foil tape
Sandblasting companies
Duct tape
School districts
Masking tape, duct tape
Screen printing companies
Masking tape, double coated tape, carton sealing tape
Seafood distributors
Filament tape, carton sealing tape
Seismic companies
Duct tape, vinyl tape
Sheet metal mfg. & installers
Foil tape, butyl/foil, duct tape
Masking tape, duct tape
Shot peening
Duct tape, plasma spray tape
Signs & banners
Double coated tape, masking tape, carton sealing tape
Silk screen companies
Duct tape, double coated tapes, spray adhesive
Skateboard mfg. & sales
Non skid tape
Skylight mfg. & installers
Aluminum foil tape, butyl/foil tape
Teflon coated fiberglass tape, filament tape, carton sealing tape
Sprinkler systems
Teflon thread sealant tape
Stage managers
Gaffers tape, double coated tape
Steamship companies
Cloth hatch tape, non skid tape, masking tape
Surveyors tape
Television stations
Duct tape, gaffers tape
Theatrical companies
Gaffers tape, glow in the dark tape, double coated tape
Trailer dealers
Conspicuity tape
Trailer manufacturers
Masking tape, foam tape, reflective tape
Transformer manufacturers
Teflon coated fiberglass tape
Trophy manufacturers
Double coated polyester tape
Truck lines
Reflective tape, masking tape, foam tape, butyl/foil tape
Turbine repair
Flame spray tape, plasma spray tape
Underground sprinklers
Teflon tape
Utility companies
Underground detectable tape, pipewrap tape
Value manufacturers
Duct tape, strapping tape
Van conversion
Double coated tape, foam tape, masking tape
Water well drillers
Pipewrap tape, Teflon tape, electrical tape
Masking tape, Teflon tape
Window manufacturers
Glaziers tape, filament tape
Masking tape, duct tape, electrical tape